I’ve been rather preoccupied these days with family matters and such (graduating in less than a week! Eeek!) so I don’t really have any new material. Therefore, I resort to another food post haha.

These are from Casa Roces at Malacañang, a new family favorite, which we discovered a few weeks back. The ambience and interiors were lovely, prices were reasonable, and the food was gooooood.
I’d also like to mention specially their second floor (it was formerly an ancestral house) wherein they have beautiful private dinning rooms which you can book for bigger groups, and classy toilets (carafunk and I always check those out in restaurants, haha). Unfortunately, I didn’t get to take decent photos of them; perhaps next time when I go back, which I definitely will.

L-R, top-bottom: frozen lemon-lavender souffle with macadamia nuts and chocolate flakes; my fettuccine with bleu cheese and roasted shitake mushrooms; pasta with chorizo balls and shaved cheese; window seating; pinakbet (I think) with liempo; carafunk's salad with balsamic vinegar and fried blue cheese, if I'm not mistaken.

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